National Pet Choking Prevention Day: June 22nd

National Pet Choking Prevention Day:
June 22nd

There are over 200,000 pet choking incidents in the U.S. every year!

But the good news is …



Our Mission is:



Target: Zero is simple. Let’s work together to help get pet choking incidents down from 200,000 to ZERO. Pet choking incidents are preventable – and with your help, we can eliminate these incidents that not only cost millions in avoidable veterinary or emergency care, but also huge emotional and physical tolls on pets, pet-parents, and veterinary professionals.

Through education, we all can help spread knowledge & awareness about the most common, and often overlooked, items that can potentially block your pet’s airway, and find solutions on how to better protect your pet from potential everyday hazards lurking around your home and products that help keep them safe.



Veterinarian Approved

Dr. Judy Morgan is backing this initiative. A renowned veterinarian in her field, Dr. Morgan spent 36 years as a practicing veterinarian, 10 of which were spent in the ER. Together we will work hard to educate and enlighten pet-owners on how to prevent pet choking dangers and best of all, offer a solution.

Top Choking Hazards For Dogs & Cats




Chew toys

Bully Sticks & long-term chews

Food packaging



Window Blind Cords

Fishing pole type toys


Rubber band / Hair ties

How common is pet choking and is it a risk to my pet?

Pet choking occurrences are an everyday common occurrence and something that is sadly experienced daily in our homes and in veterinary clinics around the world. Not only are hazards like chews, treats, and toys always first in thought when pet-parents are considering the dangers, but also be aware for choking risks with foods such as turnips or carrots, window blind cords, plastic snack bags, baby toys, and other everyday items, as these can pose threats as well.

How can I safeguard my pet from the dangers going forward?

1. Size matters

Toys and treats that are smaller than your pet’s windpipe or large enough to block the airway can create a choking hazard. Select proper sized toys and treats for your pets. In addition, the Bow Wow Buddy is a durable, veterinarian backed, and dog approved safety device that secures bully sticks. This helps prevent dogs from choking on the tail-end of a bully stick and other long-term chews. 

Size is of utmost importance when considering toys, treats and chews for your pets. For instance the diameter of a ball should always be wider than the width of your pet’s jaw. Toys should not be able to fit completely inside your pet’s mouth. And beware of chews and toys that break apart in large chunks but don’t break down as these can all be hazardous as well.

Bad Size Good Size

Slide to see appropriate sizing.

2. Know your pet

Each pet has different tendencies. If your pet is one who swallows things whole versus another that chews thoroughly, keep that in mind, as it helps determine how you can best protect your pet. Knowing your pet’s habits and tendencies is important to identify potential hazards. And if you have a puppy or a kitten, always anticipate the worst and err on the side of caution using prevention.

3. Never leave your pet unattended with treats and chews

A good rule of thumb is if your pet is not finished by the time you get to the door, it is not okay to leave them with that treat and/or chew alone. Supervision is always recommended.

4. Take care with multi-species households

The perfect toy for your cat could be a choking hazard for your dog and vice versa. Take note of all your pet’s toys when you leave the house and your pets unattended. Also, if you have a human baby or toddler at home, watch for small toys that are left behind, as those can easily pose a choking hazard for your dog or cat.

Bow Wow Labs is leading the charge to educate and advocate for greater awareness and is teaming up with Dr. Judy Morgan, veterinarian professionals and pet-parents globally. Join us and help spread awareness.

Who is Bow Wow Labs?

Bow Wow Labs is transforming the pet industry with innovative, life-protecting safety devices and products that promote dogs’ overall health and happiness. We are best known for the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy along with its line of Safe Fit™ Bully Sticks. With a growing line of nutritious dog treats and chews, Bow Wow Labs has many more new products on the horizon! Join us and be a part of this mission. To learn more about us visit us at:

@FinnBodey is a dog from the Bow Wow Pack – snacking safely on his Bow Wow Bully Sticks in his Bow Wow Buddy!

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Bow Wow Labs is proud to champion
National Pet Choking Prevention Day.