Choking is scary.
Preventing it is smart.

Be smart about toys, oversight and chewing safety.

Did you know? More than 200,000 pet
choking incidents occur
in the US every year.

Why it's smart to prevent pet choking:

  1. Veterinary and emergency care costs pet parents millions of dollars per year
  2. Witnessing a choking incident can take a huge emotional toll
  3. Pets can experience physical damage, and choking can be fatal

Top choking hazards for dogs and cats




Chew toys

Bully sticks and long-term chews

Food packaging



Window blind cords

Fishing pole type toys


Rubber bands and hair ties

About the champions for National Pet Choking Prevention Day

Bow Wow Labs has partnered with Dr. Judy Morgan to educate pet parents and advocate for greater awareness of pet choking prevention. Best known for the life-protecting Bow Wow Buddy™ and its line of SafeFit™ Bully Sticks, Bow Wow Labs is transforming the pet industry with innovative products that promote dogs’ overall health and happiness.

Renowned veterinarian, Dr. Judy Morgan, played a big part in starting National Pet Choking Prevention Day. She’s spent 37 years as a practicing veterinarian, 10 of which were in the ER. Dr. Morgan has seen way too many pet choking incidents that could have been prevented with appropriate chewing safety measures and oversight. Because of this, she’s made one of her goals to educate and enlighten pet parents about how to prevent pet choking.

To learn more about pet choking prevention, join Dr. Judy Morgan and Bow Wow Labs' Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist, Johnna Devereaux, to discuss common choking hazards in the home and how to keep your pet safe.

Join us in taking steps to #EndPetChoking.